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January 9, 20200

The largest obstacle that retailers face when starting the business is finding the right place to set up the store, staffs management, inventory management, and billing and once everything is set up they get only fewer customers from the surrounding place. The good overcome for these problems are online business wherein you can target maximum number of customers across the state and even country.

But for those who doesn’t have much knowledge about online business and for who cannot afford much for installing softwares and systems, OPTIRISE has come up with an excellent solution which is flexible, easy to use and even customizable – Optibuddy. Optibuddy is a cloud based E-commerce platform which centralizes the operations to ensure the ease and simplicity of the purchases and transactions. On this platform, retailers can leverage broad array of applications and advanced tools for managing and marketing without having to invest much.

This Optibuddy can undoubtfully increase your sales and productivity by streamlining your business processes, accelerating the efficiency and hence giving more customer satisfaction. The retailers just have to login to your dashboard provided by Optibuddy and they’ll have handful of basic and advanced purchase and transaction functionalities built into the platform.

1. Point of Sale

The platform involving a point of sale system has helped to increase the efficiency of the retail stores. The POS system helps to automate the processes by recording and managing the transactions. This technology so ensures fast and reliable process and even eliminates the possibilities of human errors.

2. Inventory Management

Optibuddy helps to keep up the track of stocks efficiently with its Inventory management application. Having a Flexible platform that presents Inventory tracking system, it has become more capable of managing the stocks, orders, sales and deliveries. It helps to keep you updated about the database, to have an eye on the stocks every time the products are sold.

3. Scheduling appointments

The platform provides an effortless and uncomplicated way of booking an appointment with the retailers from anytime and anywhere in India. Customers can request for the house services too where specialists visit their houses and provides the service. The system even provides a reminder system to update the customers about their upcoming appointment status as well.

4. Prescriptions-

The platform provides an opportunity to upload the prescription on the website so that customers can easily place their order online for the products. It’s an effective way to have the prescription online and having the soft copy rather than carrying the paper documents and carry it every time you visit stores.

5. Online store

The platform provides an online store which is easy to access with tons of varieties of products. You can fill the details or prescription and submit the form on this online platform before ordering any eyeglasses and any eye wears from the online stores. Customers will get the notifications once the frame and glasses are ready, again you’ll receive a text and email messages asking you to come and collect the product. Through this Optibuddy it has become much easier to place an order without having to go to the store. You can directly go to the store and collect your order once it is ready.

This E-commerce portal, by leveraging all these tools and features helps the retailers to improve and accelerate efficiency, productivity and sale thus ensuring the ease and simplicity of purchases and transactions. Hence By leveraging the cloud based technological solutions they are trying to cater the economical yet productive eye care services.

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