Online Payments

Paying for healthcare services and products has never been this easy! Use iCarePro to enable customers and patients to make contactless payments on the go! Our fully secure and reliable system is easy to navigate and ensures safe payments.

Why choose Online Payments

Simple & Efficient
Our intuitive user interface guaranteed a pleasant payment experience even for customer groups that are not techno-dexterous. Our system follows an easy-to-follow procedure that is not only simple but also efficient.
Integrated Database
All transaction info is stored in one place for future reference! The integrated database can allow your company to gain insights into purchase trends.
Secure & Multiple Layered Protection
The system is equipped with layered data protection and verification features to protect and verify customer information. Repeated information authentication is done by the layered protection mechanism.
Communication & Notification
Automated payments receipt system that notifies customers upon the successful completion of the transaction. Receipts are sent via Email and SMS.
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