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Warehouse management software for optical industry

Get yourself a Warehouse Management software that is unlike any other. Which offers you more than your typical, run of the mill WMS. OptiRise is a maverick. In a world of similar looking WM software with the same features, OptiRise offers your business more. Now you’ll be able to streamline all your warehouse related operations enhancing your mobility, speed, agility and overall productivity.

Every business that has a warehouse, needs an efficient Warehouse Management System. An incredibly well configured WM software like OptiRise not only boosts profits for you but also encourages and fosters healthy relationships with your stakeholders and customers. We understand the dynamism your business requires. That is why, in OptiRise, we’ve created a tool to suit all your business needs. OptiRise operates in an omni-channel retail scenario where virtual and physical marketplaces overlap each other, and the difference between the sales channels are blurring. OptiRise can be configured to fit the needs of your company. Combining the best technology in the industry, wireless barcode scanners, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, reporting, with up-to-date operational efficiency. OptiRise aims to save time and money, not just for you but also your end customers and stakeholders.

" Visual representation of the warehouse structure allows users to easily organise and find stock through point-click operation and fast search facilities. "

Key Features of Optirise WMS that Enable Efficient Warehouse Functioning

Inventory Management

Inventory information is updated in real time in both online and offline locations simultaneously. Our software has integration with various online marketplaces to make sure your product gets the best visibility

Key Features

  • Auto inventory replenishment
  • Handheld supported
  • FIFO stock picking supported
  • Cycle count enabled
  • Aging inventory


The most efficient and speedy order fulfilment always ends up winning the customer. We have built a vibrant warehouse management software, fulfilling customer anticipations at the heart of the process. Our software automatically updates and routes the order to the nearest warehouse point for processing. The stock can be picked up from numerous warehouses in an effectual manner, if need arises.

Our expertise also lies in fulfilling the unique and small orders. Our software consolidates orders from storefront to efficiently dispatch them in one go.

Key Features

  • Manifest print
  • Label and invoice print
  • Unify online and offline orders

Warehouse Inward

Our state of the art warehouse solution is designed to ensure a faster delivery cycle for you. Best practices from all across the industry are adapted to provide you the best possible inward warehouse process

Key Features

  • Goods received
  • Shelf / Bin/ Zone allocation
  • Advanced ship notice
  • Purchase order management
  • Quality check
  • Automatic stock replenishment

Warehouse Outward

Every single item that is brought in or taken out of the warehouse is tracked. Thereby reducing the difference between actual inventory and virtual inventory.

Key Features

  • Gatepass management
  • Purchase order management
  • Non-returnable items
  • Stock transfer
  • Return to vendor

Returns Management

Returns to the point of origin, Customer initiated returns or Courier Returns are sorted at the warehouse. Our smart software not only ably differentiates between all the varied types of returns with accounting ERP and the supplier’s account. A prompt service of returns in this way helps not only you but also your customers in the ease of doing business.

Key Features

  • Customer return
  • RTO return

Logistics Management

Our software comes with pre-integrated shipping partners. You can pick and select your preferred logistics partner and assign a delivery order. You needn’t hunt for shipping partners or negotiate with them. One click and you can assign a shipment partner, as well as track it.

Key Features

  • 30+ pre-integrated shipping partners
  • Track the shipment

Easy-to-use Opticial Warehouse Software in India

Our aim is to provide a sophisticated and powerful WMS, that provides an excellent return on investment and offers the most features.

OptiRise is the one-stop to manage all your optical practices in one go. This includes sale of glasses, contact lenses, inventory management, and diagnostic equipment integration. Now, all you need is one system to stay on top of it all.


  • Regular Inventory Rotation Freshness and Quality is ensured. Thresholds for auto-stocks can be set.

  • Stock Audit Location specific auditing can be done of the inventory.

  • Dispatch Bulk Orders Reduce operational costs by processing orders in bulk

  • Pre-Integrated Marketplace Our pre-partnered online marketplaces are prepared to host your product

  • ERP Integration The WMS smoothly integrates with all the existing ERPs

  • Data at your fingertips Analysis of Data Inventory and Sales to alter supply chain policies

  • Quick Clearance of Ageing Inventory Removal and Identification of Old inventories can be done with ease

  • Save time and cost Our WMS is cloud-based, which help you save on infrastructure setup cost

  • Long Lasting Partnerships Our efficient process emphasizes on building trust with all parties involved

  • Manage Purchasing Orders Now strategically place orders and create automated purchase orders with vendors

  • Increase Productivity Our award winning warehouse management system reduces costs and improves productivity


OptiRise Warehouse Management Software is methodically aligned with the best warehousing practices in the industry.


What Our Clients Say


Tony Bertucelli, IT Director,
Optical Outlets,
Florida, USA

We lacked a way for our 48 stores to order store supplies and Doctor medications from our Distribution center. We did not have knowledge of quantities of supplies that were being ordered and sent to the stores. A lot has changed since we started using this software. We now have great reporting of what is ordered and shipped. We know what is on order for the stores and can bill the stores for the products shipped to them. We can now control how much is sent to the stores. Also, since we are more efficient at sending supplies the stores can keep Optical Outlets, Florida, USA less on hand and only order as needed.
“It is easy to set up and try and you have a lot to gain.”

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