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Optirise is an outstanding answer to your management needs of the Optical Shop business. Cost effective solutions with the industry standard Optical Shop software, in OptiRise, that helps you administer stock handling, accountings, supplier and customer details.

With special emphasis on implementation and functionality, OptiRise is proud to support customer facing, omni channel. We aim to empower enterprise retailers by providing the right tools, in line with how retail works today.

" The Most User Friendly and Ecommerce Platform for Optical retailers in India "


  • Online Store

  • By creating an online presence, you are not only enhancing your presence but also you can sell to people around the corner, and around the world. Impress your customers with a beautiful store. Set up your store in minutes and bring your brand to life

  • Retail POS

  • Order Management

  • Billing

  • Keep a track of expiry dates and ensure timely returns to the supplier, that can save yousome more money

  • Manage Sales

  • Keep a track of expiry dates and ensure timely returns to the supplier, that can save yousome more money

  • Multi Store Capability

  • Inventory Managemnt

  • Logistics

  • Comprehensive dashboard

  • Leverage insightful sales information to grow your business. Get a holistic and detailed view of your business to better understand sales, orders, and audience to better tailor your products and marketing.

  • Marketing made simple

  • With OptiRise built-in SEO features, automated marketing, and free educational material you will always be one step ahead of the competition.

  • All your inventory in one connected place -Inventory is synced across all your sales channels at all times.

  • Synchronize your online and retail customers

  • Customizable products, like frame, lens , Contact Lens, Accessories etc.

  • Powerful Cloud Platform

  • is a complete cloud-based solution that enables the retail store, central office, warehouse center, doctor and optician to stay connected at every point in the practice—in real time.

  • Automatic Updates

  • Always be on the latest version and no more worries about server updates or maintenance

  • Data Security

  • Data is safely stored on the Microsoft Azure and protected for your organization.

  • 24/7 Access.

  • Access to any store record, schedule or patient records from anywhere there is Internet access with valid permission

  • Easy and Fast Billing

  • Batch wise generation of invoices with information of different billings

  • Inventory

  • Management of inventory levels has never been this easy. Replenish stock and save money

  • GST Enabled

  • Directly file returns from Marg EP. Push transaction into GST Enabled

  • Reporting

  • With Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Accounting Report, stay on top of your finances

  • Cashier and Home Delivery

  • Cashier management gives you complete control over your business

OptiRise provides enterprise wide inventory leading visibility with our eye on better fulfilment and easy access to in-stock inventory both online and offline. All departments rely on a single data stream with OptiRise. This helps make informed decisions about stock, with a more efficient management and an extremely streamlined process. Now you can not only drive up profits but also delight your customer base.

Key Features of Optirise Ecommerce Platform for Optical Retailers

GST Compliant

We help you file your GST returns, by sending GST compliant invoices, generating financial reports without any hassles

Easy Implementation

Start billing in minutes with OptiRise. Our many local centers will help you implement the software wherever you can. With a dedicated team of customer service representatives, you’ll never be in any problem.


OptiRise is a specialized trade solution. It automates your businessflow in a customized manner. With multiple levels of software configuration and functionality to support even the most unique business models.


OptiRise allows you to collaborate with your suppliers so you can send orders, get invoices and collaborate with no additional fees..


Optirise makes online and in-store interactive sales aids for the eyecare industry. Our solutions enrich your customers’ buying experience by helping them find the perfect frame.


What Our Clients Say


Tony Bertucelli, IT Director,
Optical Outlets,
Florida, USA

We lacked a way for our 48 stores to order store supplies and Doctor medications from our Distribution center. We did not have knowledge of quantities of supplies that were being ordered and sent to the stores. A lot has changed since we started using this software. We now have great reporting of what is ordered and shipped. We know what is on order for the stores and can bill the stores for the products shipped to them. We can now control how much is sent to the stores. Also, since we are more efficient at sending supplies the stores can keep Optical Outlets, Florida, USA less on hand and only order as needed.
“It is easy to set up and try and you have a lot to gain.”

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