iCare Buddy

iCareBuddy- Ophthalmology EMR and patient appointment management App

Mobile devices and apps provide many benefits for Health care industries, and an increased access to point-of-care tools and one of which is iCareBuddy. iCareBuddy is a one stop destination for all the ophthalmic industry services. Its an eye care software platform connecting optometrists, insurance companies, lab technicians, pharmaceuticals and patients.It helps to upkeep the patients records upto date and thus assist the optometrists to understand the patient's data from point of contact till billing.

The application is treated as a medical platform for the optical specialists to connect with the patients community from anywhere and anytime by leveraging a palm-sized gadget. It allows optometrists to access the complete history of the patient's care to make informed decisions and treat them in a better way.

" Revolutionizing Ophthalmic Industry Enabling Eye Care Industry improve Quality of Care "


  • Can Create a patient

  • Can Update or delete patient

  • Can create or re-schedule patient appointment

  • Can record an Eye Exam and prescription

  • Can Send appointment confirmation email to patient

  • Can Send Exam Prescription copy to patient

  • Can search patient and view their old history like previous exam, appointments etc.

  • Can check his/her daily or weekly appointment schedule with patient name

  • Sync appointments to Store/Hospital appointment and Online appointment

  • Smart and Adoptable technical solutions developed specifically for the vision care industry.

  • Better patient care through a continuous data flow between the healthcare providers and the patients.

  • Easily accessible from any device as it is a device independant application

  • A mobile health program with an excellent opportunity to monitor the patient medical records.

  • This feature simplifies the treatment process by allowing doctors to save time and effort.

  • Records and templates of patient tests and examinations will help to optimize the work of the specialists

  • Provides Notification system by sending the reminders of their daily oppointments


  • Facilitates both eye care institutes as well as patients by providing a secured and an efficient exchange of clinical data

  • With the electronic records it becomes very easy to fetch the data of a patient and also to manage the entire
    medical history ofthat particular patient

  • Details of doctor that supervise the patient, medicines that can react to particular patient, and various
    other details that may be helpful to cure the disease of the patient can be easily managed
    through this software.

  • Provides the patients with the best results by avoiding drug diversion and eliminating errors
    caused by miscommunication or any confusions

Best of Ophthalmology Patient Management Mobile Application


What Our Clients Say


Tony Bertucelli, IT Director,
Optical Outlets,
Florida, USA

We lacked a way for our 48 stores to order store supplies and Doctor medications from our Distribution center. We did not have knowledge of quantities of supplies that were being ordered and sent to the stores. A lot has changed since we started using this software. We now have great reporting of what is ordered and shipped. We know what is on order for the stores and can bill the stores for the products shipped to them. We can now control how much is sent to the stores. Also, since we are more efficient at sending supplies the stores can keep Optical Outlets, Florida, USA less on hand and only order as needed.
“It is easy to set up and try and you have a lot to gain.”

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