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OptiRise is designed with the specific purpose of meeting the work needs of Ophthalmologists and Optometrists. It assimilates every single aspect of your hospital, from scheduling of appointments to revenue management. All on a single, cloud based management platform. This system can be accessed anywhere in the world with the help of a simple internet connection. OptiRise’s specialty includes

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  • Search a clinic near you.

  • Patient can make his/her own appointment on his/her device 24/7

  • Sync appointments to Doctor's mobile App

Multi-Hospital / Clinics

  • Appointment scheduling software desinged for multi location clinics

  • Recall and Reminder to patients

  • Phone and Email yearly reminders to customers integrated in the system

  • Integration with Vision testing devices

OptiRise is the one-stop to manage all your optical practices in one go. This includes sale of glasses, contact lenses, inventory management, and diagnostic equipment integration. Now, all you need is one system to stay on top of it all.


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