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Optirise HMIS - Most Advanced Eye Hospital Management Information System in India

Optirise Eye Care is one of the revolutionizing Ophthalmic Industry which is associated with the most advanced eye hospital management Information System with the superior quality of care. Optirise HMIS is web based hospital management system which enables the hospital to manage and supervise all the integrated programs and administration on a single platform. Optirise HMIS is fully featured software which offers the overview of the hospital management and performance. The system aims at removal of manual and paper based works which ensures hassle free and error free performance. The Optirise HMIS was developed with the intension of delivering dedicated high-end services that guarantee full continuum of health care.

    Optirise HMIS integrates all the information of the hospital, patients personal and medical information, details of medical practitioners and staffs, availability of rooms and wards, about the laboratory tests which are performed and other emergency contact details etc. It is a potent and effectual dais which delivers easy and quick access for all the departments of the hospital including patients, doctors, lab technicians and insurance company.

The system accomplishes wide array of features and functions which facilitates solutions for the demands from every department.

    The system records all the details about both inpatients and outpatients when they visit hospital for the first time. Id number, name, address, admitted date, ward no etc. will be stored and can be retrieved when required. This information can be viewed by the doctors and staffs.
    It keeps track of information of doctors, staffs, nurses and ward boys too. The information includes their names, staff id, email id, contact numbers, addresses and their availability and timings etc. It also records the salary details using integrated Ecommerce Platform.
    The system offers the easiest and the quickest way of booking and scheduling the appointments with doctors with an option of rescheduling or cancelling in case of emergency. Doctors can also view their daily and weekly appointments and schedule their work accordingly.
    It generates the list of medicines available in the pharmacy associated with the hospital so that doctors an easily go through and recommend alternatives medicines.
    It provides the details of availability of wards with prices so that patients can chose according to their requirements and budgets.
    Insurance company can fetch the overview of the patients treatment and operations he has undergone and process the claim.
    Getting the discharge summary and bills are the overwhelming procedures especially when you are claiming insurance. The Optirise HMIS has eliminated this burden and made it easy through automated billing section.
    The lab staffs can view the patients records and doctor’s test advises which are recorded in the software and perform the test accordingly, which eliminates the errors too.

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